Who We Are

Our Story

Compass Inventories was founded in April 2009 by Trish Mackinnon. Trish's journey with Compass began when her previous property recruitment company abruptly closed its doors due to the 2008 recession. Her recruitment business may have collapsed overnight, but she had an idea. Undeterred, Trish utilised her extensive knowledge of the property industry to turn her idea of an inventory company into a reality.

Starting the business from her bedroom, and with a bunch of loyal clients by her side, Trish embarked on the journey of property inventories. Over the years that followed, Trish's determination and resourcefulness propelled Compass forward, even in the face of uncertainty.

Throughout this period, Jess, Trish's daughter, witnessed firsthand her Mum’s unwavering dedication and tireless efforts to provide for their small family. As a university student at the time, Jess closely observed the growth and success of Compass, inspired by her mother's resilience and commitment to building something meaningful. They were a tight-knit duo, an only child and single-parent household where Trish was both Mum and businesswoman.

As Trish approached retirement in 2021, it became clear that Jess was the natural choice to take the reins of the company. With a deep understanding of Compass's values, vision, and the industry itself, Jess stepped into the role of Managing Director in August 2021, continuing the legacy that her Mum had built.

Together, Trish and Jess have shown what can happen when you mix passion, determination, and the power of resilience. The Compass adventure continues, with Jess leading the way in creating her own unique story in the wonderful world of property inventories.